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How It Works

There are hundreds of programs available to qualified applicants, however the research to find the correct ones that apply to each person is very intensive and time consuming. Obtaining the paperwork, completing all the paperwork properly, getting prescriptions from your doctor(s), and doing all this exactly as required can be intimidating, confusing and frustrating.

People's Healthcare is an organization that specializes in matching our members up with medicine and prescription assistance programs. We know the system, and we help individuals and families receive ALL of their much needed medications for a low monthly fee.

What Peoples Healthcare will do for you:
Step #1 We contact our members to verify their data and discuss their prescription needs. We speak to you over the phone, so your medical and personal financial data remains confidential. We only ask for information that we need.
Step #2 We search our extensive database for matching programs for each new member, and determine which programs you are eligible for. We are constantly researching programs, to see if any changes have occurred, or new programs have been launched.
Step #3 We send you all the necessary paperwork and requests for supporting information for you to sign and complete. We also contact all your healthcare providers on your behalf. We verify their information and we fax or mail the prescriptions and forms directly to them.
Step #4 We follow up with all parties to make sure that the documents are all signed and returned to us. A large part of our administration is following up with Doctors and healthcare providers.
Step #5 We monitor all of our members, and remind you if there is more paperwork needed when your refills come due.